Acer 5740 Disassembly Guide


In this guide, I’ll show you how to disassemble Acer 5740.

Make sure you’re patient and careful enough to do the disassembly.









This is the laptop I’m going to disassemble.


Open it with your fingernail. Take it slow.


And the same operation with the left side.

Now it’s open.

Then unplug the cable.

Take a close look at the cable.


Turn it over, let’s remove the memory chips and open the hard drive cover.

These are different size of screws, put them in order.


Two memory slots.

Now we access the hard drive slot, Wi-Fi network slot and empty Bluetooth slot.

Remove the marked screw.




I think the Wi-Fi cables are not well designed.

After open the hard drive cover, we can remove the optical drive.

And when you reassemble the hard drive cover, remember to put back the optical drive first.


Turn it over. Remove the keyboard.

There are several clips and they are elastic. Push them towards the screen direction.


There are also clips on sides.

Turn over the keyboard, unplug the ribbon wire, the microphone cable and the loudspeaker cable.

To unplug the Wi-Fi cable, we need to remove the screen, or we can’t disassemble the laptop.


They are unplugged.

Remove the screen cable. Be careful with the protruding part on the sides of the socket.



Remove the screw on the left revolving axis.

And the right side.

Now the screen is separated from the motherboard.

Remove 3 screws marked below.

Remove the right louder speaker cable and other cables.

And there are two clips to be opened.


Now we can see the back of the motherboard.

Open the clip marked below.

And remove this screw too. The motherboard is secured with only one screw.


Unplug this cable.

Remove the screws securing the radiator and remove the radiator.

The back of the motherboard.


The fan.



Now you can clean it and smear silica gel.


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