Acer AS5530G Fan Cleaning

This guide will show you how to clean the fan for Acer AS5530G.

Reading the procedure completely before you start can help you understand the general steps of disassembly.

You must be careful and patient during the disassembly.

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery before you start.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you.





Remove all the screws on the bottom cover. And I’m used to remember their order as the original position. There are two types of screws in fact: MG2.5*4 and MG2.5*10.

And there are two screws under the hard drive cover and the WIFI network cover.


Here’s how I marked their position.

Now we can draw out the optical drive. It is secured with only one screw.

Hold the panel and pull with a little force.

The memory chips and the hard drive.

Unplug the black and white cable slowly. Add strength slowly.

The 3 screws (MG2.5*4) secures the little cover above the C side louder speaker. Just take it down now.


Now we’re moving on. Let’s remove the keyboard. Stick up the two clips with something sharp carefully.

While removing the keyboard, watch out the cable behind.

The two clips, push them inside.

The next step is to remove the screen.

Unplug the red cable first and then remove 4 screws.

Draw out the black and white Wi-Fi cables.

Use some strength to remove C side.

Now we can access the motherboard.

Disconnect the five red connectors. And remove two screws securing the motherboard.

Remove the fan.

Lots of dust.

This the picture of the laptop parts after disassembly.


Smear some new silica gel.

And reassemble it.

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