Acer E5-572G Disassembly Guide

In this guide, I’ll show you how to disassemble an Acer E5-572G and how to add memory to this.

Please be careful during the disassembly.

Make sure the laptop is turned off.


Remove the battery.

Remove 18 screws on the bottom cover.

Remove the empty optical drive.

And then we need to handle the fours clips in the battery compartment, just push it out towards the opposite direction.

Put your left hand finger in there and your right hand finger in the optical drive bay. Then push your both hands to direction of the C side, in this way we can push out the right side of C side.

And unlock the clips with the same way to the left side of the battery compartment. Now we can easily remove it.


Here’s a picture after we remove the bottom cover.

When remove the C side. Make sure the 3 connectors are unplugged. Open the clips and they can be removed.

The connectors marked with red need to be disconnected and the screws need to be removed are marked with size.

There’s a cable on the right of the upper screw, don’t forget to unplug it.

And we need to remove the hard drive and the fan.

Below is the picture of the motherboard.

The memory socket is on the motherboard. The original is a Samsung 4G one. And I bought a Kingston 8G low voltage.

Put it back the same way and Turn on the laptop, with an external keyboard and mouse, only connecting the power button on C side.

Get into the system and let’s check the memory now.


Reassemble it and there’s no damage to the laptop.

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