Asus G73JH-A2 Disassembly Guide


In this guide, I will disassemble an Asus G53JW.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart.


The below pictures show what tools we need to prepare to start disassembly. For examples, all kinds of screwdrivers, hair brushes and so on.



Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart.

Unlock the battery and push on the release latch.

Remove the battery.



Pry the keyboard.

We can start from the 5 buttons: ESCF5F9 Print SCEnd. Using a straight screwdriver will help a lot.


We can see there are double side tapes under the keyboard, so use a little force but do not pull apart the keyboard cable.

Split it from top carefully.



Carefully remove the 2 cable.

The black and thick one is keyboard cable, the yellow and thin one is keyboard LED power cable.




Place the keyboard like this for it’s convenient to remove the cables from Asus G73 slowlt. Take the tweezer for help.



Now the keyboard is removed.




Turn it over. Keep removing the screws on the back of the laptop and open the cover.

There are Wi-Fi network card on the left, memory slots on the right and two hard drives down below.





After removing all the memory chips, undo the screw securing the optical drive.



Push the optical drive out as the direction shows.





The marked position is screw-socket. Make sure assemble it in right direction later.






When we tear the steel discs securing on the top, we can see there are memory chips on the other side of the motherboard.

Keep removing them.





Remove the hard drives. Remember the position of them each.





Every piece on the bottom cover is removed.





Remove all the screws securing the front baffle booth of the laptop.

The yellow ones and the purple ones are in different size.





This is the place where dust entered.

A small vacuum cleaner are very useful.




There are 3 screws on each side, unscrew them.

They are of same size.



The screen is separated from the laptop.

Place the screen carefully. Do not break the cables.



Then remove the single screw on the left screen rotation.

The same with the right one.




Be careful with those ribbon wires. Don’t unplug them out.

Lift the black plastic up, the wires can be pulled out easily.



Uncover the tape with tweezer slowly.





Unplug the connector, the keyboard tray (with touchpad and speaker) can be removed.





There are two fans on both sides. One is for graphics card, and the other is for processor.



This is the keyboard tray. The red mark is touchpad, the yellow mark is speaker.



This is the memory compartment before we start disassembly.




Clean the fan with hairbrush and hairdryer. It’s better to get some lube in it.




The power cable of the fan must be unplugged to get inside.




Uncover the black tape covering the screen cable.


Lift up the long black tape and remove the screw securing the fan.

Take out the fan.

It appears that the fan needs a good cleaning.


Then we need to assemble the laptop.

Every screw must be tightened and every connector needs to be plugged.


Some advice. If you disassemble your laptop for the first time, you’d better place the screws in order. Or you can prepare a white paper, draw the general position of the screws. It will be a lot easier to assemble them afterwards.

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