Asus G74SX laptop disassembly Guide


In this guide I will disassemble an Asus G74SX for cleaning. Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart.

Before we start, we need those tools:

Screwdriver, hairbrush, and the little brush.


Use a coin to open bottom cover, remove the ram chip, remove the 8 screws of the hard drive,

For the second hard drive, make sure to remove the attaching cable before you remove the hard drive.

Unscrew the optical drive and remove it.

Then remove the wifi network card and the audio cable besides.



Remove the screws:

Totally 27 units

3 small screws (2 of them are from the optical drive gate)

5 long screws are from the top of the heat dissipation gate.

19 units of stand screws


Then turn the laptop over and fold the screen, open the screen axis cover.


Remove the 4 screws marked in below picture


Unfold the screen, remove the keyboard, and be careful there are 5 connection cables between the keyboard and the motherboard.


After remove the keyboard, carefully remove the 5 connection cable and remember the cable position. Remove 3 screws (left, upper right and lower right), and remove the motherboard from upper right


Then clean the 2 fans.


Remove the heat sink and replace silica gel


After all the cleaning, assemble the laptop

Laptop boot up after the assembly

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