Asus G75VX Disassembly Guide


In this guide, I’ll disassembly an Asus G75VX.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart.



Cross screwdriver, a rigid card


Remove the 2 screws as marked below and open the 2 bottom cover (D side)

Remove the 2 nets which are used to keep out insects.

Remove the screws.

Though there are three different size marked A/B/B, One screwdriver is enough.

There are 2 memory slots in D side, in fact, another two is from the inside.


Remove the screw marked in the below picture.

After that, we can remove the optical drive as the shown direction.



After removing the screw, take out the 2 hard drive bays and the hard drives as below pictures.


D side is disassembled.

Now we need to separate AB side from CD side


First remove the 2 screws besides and the 3 screws in the battery


Then put it upright, remove the baffle booth of the revolving axis as below picture from side. Be careful with the connection cable with the speaker and the motherboard.




Unplug the white connector directly and don’t break the cable.





This is the revolving axis
cover with two speakers






After removing the optical drive, there are another 3 screws (B size) to be removed.






Remove all the screws as marked below


3 on the cover of D side

2 around the subwoofer

2 in the battery compartment


They’re all A size





Turn it over, remove 6 screws on the revolving axis





Place the laptop as the picture shows, separate the C and D side.

Start from the market place, use a rigid card to separate the slot of C side from the button sideways.





Open C side slowly, remove the 5 ribbon wires from up. Follow the direction of the wires, it can be easily opened.





  1. white cable connect the touchpad buttons
  2. white cable connect the touchpad
  3. keyboard cable
  4. keypad light cable
  5. switch buttons cable





You are able to change wifi network card and the original memory by now.

If you want to clean the dust, then go on.


Pay attention to the marked position.

The red outline——3D glass receiver

The blue outline——camera

The red oval——screen panel line connector

The blue oval——wifi network card cable


The wlan card antenna needs to be removed.





Remove the marked screw, then the screen can be removed.




We can separate the motherboard from D side now.


Remove 6 screws attached to the fan.

And if you want to clean the fan separately, you need to unplug the power interface marked with red oval and take out the black strip seal on both sides, then you can remove the fan.


The upper blue oval——USB3.0 port

The lower blue oval——audio board port

The blue outline——subwoofer port

The red outline——sata and motherboard port




There is only one screw securing the audio board and it doesn’t need to be removed




picture of audio board


Picture of graphics card


Picture of revolving axis

sata port module


heat dissipation








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