Asus N55 Series Disassembly Guide


If you have never disassembled a laptop. Before you take it apart, you need to know:

  1. Be careful in every steps.
  2. Remember to place all the screws in order.
  3. The laptop is turned off.



In this guide, I’ll disassemble an Asus N55SF. It’s compatible for Asus N55 series.


  1. Remove three screws securing two covers on D side, take down the covers.

2、Remove four screws securing the hard drive, hold the transparent plastic card and draw it towards the left.

Then the hard drive can be easily removed. It depends on you whether to remove the memory chips or not.


There’s a screw besides the disc logo on the left of the Centre cover. Remove it, hold the edge of the optical drive and pull it out.


3、Remove all the screws visible on D side. There are 18 screws in total.

As there are different sizes, place them separately.

A size: 2

B size: 10

C size: 4

K size: 2

Then unplug Wi-Fi network cable connector, power cable connector and so on. There are four connectors.

4、Turn it over to the front. Pry up the speaker cover through the gap between the revolving axis and the C side speaker cover with a screwdriver.

Remove it.


5、Remove four screws securing the keyboard. Turn over the keyboard gently and unplug two cable connecting to the motherboard after unlock the securing retainers.

6、Remove six screws securing C side cover. Unlock the retainer on the interface, unplug the touchpad cable.

Then pry up the invisible fastening along the edges of the cover to uncover it. A crow bar will be a choice as it won’t do any damage to plastic cover like metal tools.

7、Now the back of the motherboard is visible.

Close shot on speaker and hinge.

Remove four screws on the hinge. And if you want to disassemble the screen, you need to unplug the screen cable and the Wi-Fi network cable.

And there are two screw holes attached by rubber blanket on the bottom of the screen. So I’ll skip this step.

Remove 3 screws securing the motherboard and the dissipating fan, unplug the subwoofer cable and the IO interface cable on the right. We can lift up the motherboard from the right.

And to completely remove the motherboard, we need to unplug the screen cable in the picture marked with blue outline.

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