Disassemble Lenovo Thinkpad T410


Many people who have bought T410 did encountered this trouble: it’s pretty hot after using for a long time. And instead to pay money for the cleaning, we can absolutely do it ourselves.

Here is a disassemble guide for Lenovo thinkpad T410 in detail.

Make sure the laptop is turned off.


Some useful tools:

2. Brushes 

3. Hair dryer

4. Silica gel

5. Towels or cloths

6. Flashlight

7. Prudent attitude

Now are each steps:


Step 1

Remove the battery.

Step 2

Remove the optical drive and PCI slot sheet.

Step 3

Remove the hard drive.

Step 4

Remove the bottom cover and the upper-left screw which connects keyboard.

And if you want to add memory, this is the step.

Step 5

Remove all the screws on the bottom cover, and put them in order as they’re in different size.

Step 6

Remove the keyboard, the trick is to press it and pull it towards your direction.

Step 7

Pickle out the keyboard connecting cable with a straight screwdriver.

And this is the picture of keyboard on both sides.

If you want to replace the keyboard only, and you can stop taking the laptop apart.

Step 8

Remove the screw on the upper-left sheet which connects C side.

Step 9

Remove 3 screws connecting the middle panel. They’re on the lower bottom. (I forgot to shot it, anyway, they’re easy to find.)

Step 10

Remove C side cover. This step is a little difficult.

First, turn it to the back, there are several clips which connect C side with the motherboard, pickle them out with screwdriver.

Then turn it to the front, pry up the panel with your fingernails or rigid card, and the side. Do not use too much force. It can be a little difficult for the first time, because C side buckles the motherboard. After pry them up, don’t rush to remove it. Notice the panel connects the fingerprint sensor.

Step 11

Unplug fingerprint sensor connecting cable just as we did when we disassemble the keyboard with a straight screwdriver.

If it’s not easy to watch it clear, use a flashlight.

This is how it looks when we remove the cable.

Notice the part on the upper left when remove it: it’s hold by the screen in order to be secured.

And after we disassemble all the C side.

Let’s start to remove the cooling fin.

Step 12

Remove the louder speaker on the left.

Step 13

Remove screws securing the cooling fin: 2 on the left and 4 on the right.

Step 14

Remove the power cable connecting the cooling fin.

Step 15

Remove the cooling fin/ fan.

Step 16

Replace the thermal grease.

Take a look at the fan on both sides.


Step 17

Remove 2 small screws on the fan and uncover the tape securing the cable. (Use a litter Philips screwdriver to unscrew them.)

Step 18

Uncover the tape covering the fan. Half is enough.

Step 19

Clean the fan. Too much dust and I’ve left those just to take pictures.

After the cleaning, reassemble the fan.

And, do not rush. This is very important: Connect the fingerprint sensor, the keyboard, the hard drive and the battery first for a test.

Because once I’ve reassembled the fingerprint and it’s not functional.

After the test, and if there’s no problem, then reassemble the laptop.

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