Disassembly Guide for Lenovo G470 Series

In this post I’ll explain how to take apart Lenovo G470 series.

Make sure the laptop is turned off and be careful and patient while disassemble the laptop.

Remove the battery first.



And this is my Lenovo G470.


There are 23 screws in the picture:

17 marked with white circles, they secure D side.

6 marked with yellow circles, they secure D side cover.

Notice there are two screws under the optical drive.

Pry up the cover with hard curved wedge carefully.



 And after we remove the bottom cover, we access the inside.

There are 3 keyboard screws, 3 fan screws, a Wi-Fi network card screw, 2 hard drive screws and a motherboard screw.

Unplug those cables carefully.



And cables secures the Wi-Fi network card. 

And screws need to be removed.

Keyboard screws on the left, fan screws on the right.

 Then unload the keyboard. Pry it up carefully with tools. (Metal tool not good actually)

 It’s a little hard to remove the keyboard. Note the intensity.

 The keyboard was secured by 3 screws.

Unplug the power button cable and touchpad cable to the right.

Screws securing the motherboard.

 Carefully pry up C side cover.

 The back of C side cover.

The touchpad. 

The power button.


 The front of the motherboard. There are 2 screws.

The upper corner of the motherboard, the screw marked doesn’t need to be removed.

The low-left corner.


 The upper-left corner.

 Unplug the audio cable and module cable.

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