Disassembly Guide for Lenovo IdeaPad U410

In this guide, I’ll show you how to disassemble a Lenovo IdeaPad U410 completely.

This guide includes the disassembly of motherboard, screen, CPU and fan.

If you want to disassemble your laptop to replace some parts, you can refer to this guide.

You’d better start disassembly after read this procedure completely.

Make sure the laptop is turned off.


Some tools:



Part 1 D side cover disassembly


Like U310, U410’s screws are covered by ottomans on the back.

There are only 3 screws covered.

Take care the one on the lower left corner is not covered.


The ottomans on the lower left corner.

Upper right corner.

 Remove the screws.

Once the warranty label is damaged, you’ll lose the warranty.


Now we can pry the D side cover.

I started from the lower left corner and extend to the front.

Pry it up little by little all around and we can easily remove the cover.


Now we can access the internal structure.

The internal space is larger and can extend a memory chip compared with IdeaPad U310.


Part 2 Disassembly of internal components


Whatever the machine is, disconnect the power first before you touch any internal component!

Unlike common notebooks, we only need to remove the removable battery,

To remove the built-in battery of ultra-books, we need to unplug the connecting cables to the motherboard first.

However, make sure touch a pipe first to remove static electricity on your hands first before unplug the battery.

Especially in a dry weather.

Or else, irreversible damage will be caused due to this.

I’ got an electric shock once before I touch the pipe.

And thankfully I remembered to do that before disassembly.

Besides, I have to mention:

It’s very dangerous to unplug the battery cable with a metal tweezer.

This time I used a metal tweezer and accidently touched the metal contacts on the battery.

And there are sparkles immediately. Hopefully, no damage caused to the motherboard and the battery.

 After unplugging the cables, we can start to remove the battery now.

Remove 3 screws securing the battery.



Unload the hard drive

Unplug the cable connecting to the motherboard first.

And the 3 screws securing the hard drive

 Unscrew 4 screws and remove the secured cover.

We can take a close look to the hard drive.

The holder is marked 7mm.



Unload mSATA SSD

Unscrew one screw is enough.

Unload the memory chips

Unload Wi-Fi network card

Unplug the cable with an antistatic tweezer.


Unload the microphone module on the left

Unplug the cable connecting to the motherboard.


Unload USB module on the right

Lift up the secured clip, unplug the ribbon wire.

Remove 2 screws.


Unload BIOS battery

This step will reset the timetable to zero.

As this cable is a little hard to unplug, I use a tweezer to help.

To ensure safety, an antistatic tweezer is recommended.

Remove radiator module

Unplug the fan cable first.

Remove the screws securing the fan.

And then remove the screws on the radiator in reverse order according to the marked number.



Now we can access the Ivy Bridge and GT610M graphics cards.


Part 3 Disassembly of the motherboard

Remove all the ribbon wires connecting to the motherboard.

First the touchpad cable, then power light indicator cable beside.

Unplug the screen cable.

The power button cable and one-key reset button cable.

Remove the audio cable and camera module cable.

The motherboard power cable.

Remove all the securing screws on the motherboard

Those screws are marked with triangular marks so that we won’t make mistake while reassemble it.


There’s a securing screw under the black tape in the memory slot.

And while I unload the motherboard, it was stuck and I didn’t notice this screw.

If I didn’t notice it afterwards, the motherboard could have been broken.


Notes while removing the motherboard (IMPORTANT!!!)

After removing the keyboard cable and the USB cable on the back, and here comes the most difficult part.

We can see from the below picture that the CPU radiator fixed base is connected with C side while the base is also clinging to the motherboard, which makes it pretty difficult to disassemble the motherboard.

It took me a lot of efforts to separate the base from the motherboard with the other side of the tweezer.

And finally take out the motherboard.

And because of my forced demolition, this base is bent.


Part 4 Disassembly for the screen

Before you start, open the screen to 90 degrees.

Like the below picture, or else you can’t remove it.

Unscrew two screws securing the revolving axis.

(One on each side, they are both big ones, the small ones do not need to be removed.)

At a certain angle, the screen can be separated from C side.

Power button and Novo button module on C side.

 The whole disassembling parts.


Part 5 some personal opinions


U410 is one of the most difficult laptops I’ve disassembled so far.

Especially the design of CPU radiator base, almost made me give up.

Thankfully I found a solution and which proves Lenovo laptops are able to stand so much disruption.

After my violent disassembly, it can still boot.

 And as the BIOS battery was unplugged for too long, the laptop cannot be lit up for the first time. I was quite frightened.

Hopefully it lit up the second time.

Besides, because of the refined classifications of screw (plug every screw in its hole directly), the reassembly became much easier.

How to disassemble a laptop is difficult, because you don’t know what the internal structure is like.

When you finish the disassembly and know the whole procedure, the reassembly is the easiest.

Although there are situations that some screws are left and some cables are unplugged.

Those mistakes are normal for beginners. If you are courageous and wise enough, try it several times, you can do it.


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