Disassembly Guide for Sony NW18

In this post, I will show you how to disassemble Sony NW18.

Sony NW18 is a laptop with high integration, so it can be a little difficult to disassemble.

If you want to disassemble this laptop, you can refer to this guide and make sure read the whole procedure completely.

Make sure the laptop is turned off and before you start, get rid of static electricity on your body.




Disassemble D cover, mark the screws. Prepare screwdrivers in different size. And because the different size of screws, we need to classify them.

Notice: When disassemble optical drive, remove the screw securing it first.

Do not forget to remove the battery first.

As for different machines, be careful with the clips.

 Step 2

Disassemble the heat pipe in order and gently.


Carefully wipe out the dry thermal grease.


Fan cleaning. Watch out the static electricity. Be cautious and patient.

And the selection of grease is important.

When adding lubricating grease, one drop is enough. The outflow of the grease will burn the fan.


Step 4

Here I will teach you an effective way to solve the heat problem.

Prepare 2 coppers and measure them, pick a thick one and a thin one.

Thermal grease: to fulfill the gap between chip and radiator module and acts as heat conduction instead of dissipation.

How to choose: Gray-black thermal grease containing silver.

How to operate: Smear thinly and evenly.


Step 5

The disassembly and reassembly of the floating keyboard. It’s secured by clips on D side. So it’s quite easy.

Thus it’s easy to clean.


1. Be careful with the keyboard cable.

2. Without plastic or metal frame, the design of floating keyboard is different from normal keyboard. So be careful when tearing it down.

Remove the cover on C side.


Step 6

Reassemble the dissipating module.

During the process, remember to connect the fan power cable. Or else the motherboard can be damaged.





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