Disassembly Guide for Toshiba Satellite 1200

In this guide, I’m taking apart Toshiba Satellite 1200.

If you have this model and would like to disassemble it or do fan cleaning, you can refer to this post.

Read the whole procedure thoroughly to help you clear your mind.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start.



Remove all the screw on the bottom cover and the sides. Classify them and put them away.

And then unload the memory, hard drive, battery and optical drive.

Step 2

Turn it over. Pry up the media panel.

Pry up the clips on the sides and then use a rigid card to slide through the bottom of the panel. Pry up the bottom clips.
Operate as gentle as possible, or else:
Step 3

Unload the circuit board.

Step 4

Remove the screen.

Step 5

Unload the keyboard

The cables are below:

Step 6

Remove the framework and the touch panel.

Step 7

Now we access the motherboard.

And if you want to replace the motherboard or do fan cleaning, you can remove the screws and the cables then.





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