General Guide for Disassembling Toshiba L700 and L series.

You can also disassemble Toshiba L600, L630, and L730 according to this guide.

Before disassembly, turn off the laptop.


And there are two kinds of screws of Toshiba L series: F5 and F3. Which are different in length.

It’s not necessary to remember the position to which the screw correspond, because F3 are seldom used.

I’ll marked them later.


And tools for disassembly are in below picture.

First, remove the battery.

Turn the laptop over and remove the cover of hard drive and memory chips.

On this side, we need to remove three screws marked with red circle, a power cable marked with red circle, a Wi-Fi network cable marked with black circle and some screws in the compartment.when we remove the optical drive, there’s a screw behind. This one and the screw below are F3 and the other two are F5.

Now turn it over. Remove 3 screws (F3) marked below. And then we can remove the keyboard.

When we take down the keyboard, turn it over and unplug the ribbon wires.

Then start to remove 7 screws below. There are 2 F3 screws on the upper right and the others are F5 screws.

The green circle marked the On/off button cable.

The yellow circle marked the keyboard cable.

The brown circle marked the audio cable.

And the black circle marked the touchpad cable.

After we remove the cover, we need to remove 3 F5 screws on this side.

And unplug the cables. From left to right: power button cable (yellow), USB and DVI connect cable (purple).

And then we can remove the keyboard.

Unplug the fan cable in the red circle.

And then remove the screws orderly according to the radiator, remove the radiator.

Wipe out the original silica gel, and smear new one.

Then we can reassemble the laptop.

Remember to plug the fan cable and tighten all the screws.

You can reassemble the hard drive and the keyboard, plug the ribbon wire and once the laptop can boot then screw the screws.

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