How to Disassemble Asus F8S series


In this guide, I will disassemble an Asus F8SV.

Before starting to take it apart, make sure the laptop is turned off.



Unlock the battery latch and push on the release latch.

Remove the battery.

Remove a fine thread screw and two coarse thread screws.

Push the hard drive cover as the direction shows. Remove the hard drive.

Remove 4 screws securing the hard drive bracket.

Remove the screws securing the TV antenna card.

Take out the card and remove the TV antenna card cable. (It’s optional. You can remover the Wi-Fi network card antenna directly if you don’t have this.)

Remove the screw securing the riser card and take the card out.

Remove the antenna and the screws securing the Wi-Fi network card.

Take out the Wi-Fi network card.

Remove 4 screws on the CPU cover.

Notice: If you want to remove the keyboard, the blue screw must be removed.

Uncover it and remove the memory chips.

Remove 4 screws securing the graphics card and take the card out.

Remove 5 screws securing the heat dissipation module. Unplug the powerline of the fan.

And detach the module.

Remove CPU as the direction shows.

Unload CPU.

Disassemble the optical drive after remove 2 screws.

The optical drive can be push out though the red outline and then remove the hard drive with both hand.

Now we’re going to unload the keyboard.

We need to push all the six buckles out after removing all the screws behind the keyboard.

Remove 4 screws marked below.

Then remove the revolving axis cover upwards.

This picture shows the touchpad connecting cable.

Unplug the connector and remove the cable.

Remove the screw.

Remove the screen cable cover.

Unplug those two connecting cables.

Undo the screw.

Remove 6 screws as the picture marked.


Remove the cover on the top. Unplug the cables

Remove 4 screws and then remove the touchpad bracket

Unload the touchpad.

Remove the screw securing the motherboard.




Unplug the Bluetooth cable, speaker cable and microphone cable


Now we can remove the motherboard



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