How to Disassemble Asus G53JW

In this guide, I will disassemble an Asus G53JW.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start taking it apart.




Hairbrushes, tweezers, screwdrivers, a hairdryer


Unlock the battery and push on the release latch.

Remove the battery.


Pry the keyboard.




Here’s a tip for you, if you don’t have a crowbar, you can replace it with a straight screwdriver covered with plastic taps to prevent damages to the paintwork.




Start to pry the keyboard. Remember, make it slow and gentle.




Then you can lift it up.



There are 2 cables that need to be careful:

The keyboard signal cable

The keyboard light power cable




Pry carefully with the tweezer, unplug the cable, we can see the inside.

(Just push away the button besides with the tweezer, not upwards.)

And pry the hole marked below with a screwdriver as the direction shows.



Before pry.







Find the connector below, pry the black plastic card softly, and then unplug the cable.




Then we’ll pry the palm rest. Both using a rigid plastic card or a screwdriver covered with plastic taps are good choices.


And it’ll be like this.




Then start removing the screws. I’ve marked every screw that need to be removed. It’s better to keep the removed screws in orders or the original position.





The bottom cover can be removed easily now.

Remove the screw securing the optical driver.




Then push the optical driver to the right gently, it is removed.





Remove those screws in below positions so we don’t need to turn the laptop over.




Then remove the hard driver and the screw in the blank hard driver.





And the screws securing the hard driver.





Take out the hard driver slowly. As it’s mechanical, handle it with care.

Remove the screw under the hard driver.





Then remove the cover on A side.

First remove several screws securing the battery compartment. Take care there is a screw covered by the sticker.



Let’s take a close look.




Open the cover on the front side.



Remove the screws securing the screen stand on both sides.

The left ones





The right ones




And it’ll be like this. Then remove 2 screws on the black plastic board




The board can be removed easily.





You can totally separate the screen and the keyboard like this.




There are 2 plastic sheets on the keyboard light button and the power button

Split them.



Left side




Right side





Remove 2 screws separately

Then tear the yellow sticker below the power button. Turn over the black sheet before pulling out the 2 cables.






Unplug the tiny connector through the interface with a tweezer softly.




Now the cover can be removed.





We can take a clear look of the motherboard inside now.




We can see there are differences between the two fans. So tell them apart.

Start to remove the fans. There are plenty dusts in there.





Tear the black hard tape and unplug the connect cable on the motherboard.

Remove the 3 screws securing the fan.

There is a screw cohered.




The fan can be taken out to be cleaned.



Brushes and hairdryer are of great use now to clean the fan.



Same way to remove the left fan.




Then remove the motherboard and clean the radiator.

Turn the motherboard over before remove 6 screws marked with red circle.

And tear the 5 tapes marked with yellow circle to loosen the cable if you don’t have better ideas.


After removing the motherboard we can see the radiator is quite dirty.






Then remove the 2 heat dissipating modules from CPU and GPU.

Clean them.



Let’s have a look when every part is disassembled.



Finally, we need to change the silica gel.

Wipe out the original gel on CPU and GPU before you change new silica gel.

Then you can assemble the laptop afterwards.



Here’s how I keep my screws in order.

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