How to Disassemble Asus N43 Series

In this guide I will show you how to disassemble Asus N43SL.

And this guide is compatible for Asus N43 series.

Read the whole procedure thoroughly before you start.

Make sure the laptop is turned off.


Prepare all the tools: MX-5 thermal compound, screwdrivers.

Remove the battery.

Remove the 5 foot pad, remove the screws.

Push down the hard drive cover.

Remove 4 screws, draw out the hard drive from the right then remove 4 screws under it.

The screw of the memory cover is behind the battery slot.

Two cables: One black, one white.

6 screws in the battery slot.

Draw out the optical drive, remove 3 screws under it by the way.

SD card slot, push it gently.

B side: Keyboard.

Press down the clips with a straight screwdriver and the keyboard will bounce.

There are 4 clips in total.

Don’t hurry to remove the keyboard. There are two ribbon wires. The big one, just pull it out; the small one is like a cover, open it, do not unplug directly.

Afterwards we can remove the keyboard and move on.

There are 4 screws to be removed.

Use a rigid card to insert into the gap.
Now we can access the motherboard.

I unplug 4 more screws..

Unplug the cables carefully.

We can access the fan.

Unplug the cable connecting the fan and the motherboard.

Remove 8 screws, take out the fan.

Wipe clean CPU and graphics card chip.

Clean the fan.


Now thermal grease comes in handy.


Smear it thinly and evenly.

And those are all the screws I’ve removed.

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