How to Disassemble ASUS N53 series


In this guide, I’ll disassemble an Asus N53.

And I found out that screws that can be removed are black and these cannot be removed are silver white. So do not unscrew the silver white ones.


Turn off the laptop and we can start disassembling.




Remove the battery on D side and unplug the footpads at 4 corners.


Step 2

Unload the keyboard. Pry up the marked place with a sharp tool (a screwdriver is OK) and release the keyboard.


Step 3

Unplug 3 cables marked with number 3 in a circle.


Step 4

Remove the screw marked with number 4 in a circle. Then remove the optical drive.

(And if you only want to disassemble the optical drive and add a bracket to go on disk expansion, you can skip step 3)

Step 5

Remove the keyboard. Unplug 2 cables. (There are 2 cables plugged in below pictures as it’s the first time to disassemble a laptop. It’s OK to unplug it later. But make sure unplug them before uncover C side)
Remove screws marked in the picture.


Step 6

Turn it over to D side, remove the hard drive cover and the small cover (not sure of its use).

Then remove the hard drive and the memory chips.

Step 7

All the screws that need to be removed are marked clearly.

Be careful, there are another 3 screws under the optical drive.

And unplug the cables.

Another three screws that needs to be removed.


Step 8

Uncover C side. I suggest open it from the underneath of the palm rest. Use a card to scratch instead of something to hard.

And it’ll look like this after C side is removed.


Step 9

Unplug the cables marked with red circles.

Step 10

Remove 2 screws securing the Wi-Fi network card (there’s one behind the black tape), then remove the card.

Step 11

Remove the rest screws securing the motherboard, only 2 left.

Then the motherboard can be removed.

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