How to Disassemble Asus X550 Series


In this guide, I’ll disassemble an Asus X550VC.

And this guide is compatible for Asus X550 series.


Turn off the laptop before you start. And remove the battery.


Some tools that may be useful:


Remove 4 screws on the bottom cover. They’re all long screws.


After remove 2 long screws below, we can see the hard drive and memory chips.

Remove 3 screws securing the hard drive on the bottom left and push it to the left, we can lift it up.

Clip the button on the sides, the memory chips is removed.

And then remove all the screws on the cover. And these marked with yellow oral are small screws.

Turn it over to C side, the keyboard.

Pry it up with curved hard wedge, I’d like to start from the touchpad.

After stick in, we can find some clips. Pry it up one by one.

When we lift up the keyboard, it’s pretty dusty.

Unplug 3 ribbon wires, then we can remove the keyboard.

Just pull the clips up with a tweezer and we can unplug them.


The back of the keyboard.

Then remove all the screws marked below.

And remove the Wi-Fi network card too. Unplug the black and white cable first.

And this is the USB cable on the right side of the laptop, unplug it.

Pull it up as I’ve said before.

Then remove the motherboard. I didn’t unplug the screen cable because it’s a little difficult.

So I just turn it over and put it on the screen.

Then remove the power cable of the fan. I’ve marked where to start.

And this is the fan.



Wipe out the old silica gel and smear new one evenly. Try to smear thinly.

Then we can reassemble the laptop. Remember to plug all the cables and tighten all the screws carefully.



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