How to Disassemble HP CQ42




I’ll show you how to disassemble HP CQ42 in this guide.

Please be careful and patient while disassemble your laptop.

And it’s always to read this guide completely before you start the operation.


Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start to take it apart.






  • Unlock the battery. And take out the battery.

  • Remove all the screws on the bottom cover.

  • Open the hard drive cover and the memory cover.

  • Unscrew the screws securing the Wi-Fi network card and then remove the card.

    Push the clips marked with green circle out and take out the memory chips.

    Remove all the screws around the hard drive bracket.

  • Hold the head of the cable, unplug the hard drive cable.


    Take out the hard drive bracket.

  • Remove the optical drive.


    Open the keyboard. There are clips around the keyboard.

  • Push them out and then draw out the keyboard upwards.

  • Turn over the keyboard.




    Push the clips of the keyboard cable upward with fingernail.



    Turn up the black part.



    Unplug the keyboard cable.



    Remove a screw.


    Push up the white clip.


    Turn it over.



    Unplug the mouse sketchpad cable


    And another cable


    Unplug all the cable one by one.




    Erect the laptop and open it up along the gap between C side and D side all around.





    Then open C side after they are separated.




    Remove screws securing the motherboard and then unplug all the cables.



    Lift up the motherboard as the picture shows.


    Remove the motherboard.



    Turn the motherboard over.


    Remove screws securing the radiator. Unplug the fan power cable.


    Now we can start to clean the fan. And then reassemble it back.


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