How to Disassemble HP DV6 6151TX

You can use this guide to disassemble HP DV6-6000 series.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you take it apart.



This is the picture of my laptop.

Some useful tools:

Curved hard wedge, brush, tweezer, screwdriver, scraper, clear PVC, silica gel, lubricating oil, lubricating grease and spare screws.

First, let’s remove D side.

  1. Push the button to the right, the battery will eject.
  2. Push it again in the opposite direction, the cover will eject.

Open the cover, we can see:

Wi-Fi network card: ① Unplug 2 cables;

② Remove 2 screws;

③ The Wi-Fi network card eject itself;

④ Draw it out along its direction.

Memory chips: ① Push the clips to the sides;

②The memory chips ejects itself;

③Draw it out along its direction.

Optical drive: ①Remove the screw;

②Push to the left;

Hard drive: ①Remove the 4 screws;

②Lift up the plastic handle.


Then remove the Wi-Fi network card, the hard drive, the optical drive and the memory chips.

Remove the 2 plastic ribbon wires (both are with plastic handles, just pull it up along its direction slowly).

And remove all the screws. Do not miss a single one.

Notice: 1.There are screws on the left of the laptop but I didn’t take photo. Don’t forget to remove them.

2. Different screws are corresponding to different hole sites. They must be classified in order.

3. The black network line connects NO.1 ribbon wire. And the white one connects NO.2.

Three screws securing the optical drive. They’re different from others.

Pry up part ① with some curved hard wedge.

Push part ② forward for about 1cm, and we can uncover the keyboard from the top.

Cock the card marked below, Remove the keyboard very carefully.

Remove all the screws (marked with circle)

Pry 2 clips (marked with outline).

Then pry up the gap marked with red line.

Remove C side cover.

And then ① Remove the screws in the circle, unplug the clips and a ribbon wire connected with the other side of the motherboard( marked with yellow outline on the right).

② Remove the louder speaker box (marked with red outline).

③ Lift up the motherboard and draw it out from the upper right very carefully as the direction shows.

The screws marked below are connecting with springs, they cannot be removed. Just loose them to remove the cooper tube.

Details in removing the fan:

Tear off the tape and remove screws.

And while you clean the fan, be careful, or else….

Wipe out the old silica gel

Smear some new silica gel. And try to smear evenly.







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