How to Disassemble HP DV7

In this guide, I’ll show you how to disassemble HP DV7.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start.


Let’s start from the bottom.

Remove all the screws on the bottom.

Now we can access the memory and the second hard drive.

Remove the hard drive. The hard drive is secured by soft tape. Use force to unplug the hard drive.



Hard drive is connecting to the motherboard through data cable

And the Wi-Fi network card is under the hard drive.

Remove the Wi-Fi network card.


Disassemble C side. This side fixed most screws of this laptop. 23 in total.

Then we turn it over. Pull up the power button panel from the screen revolving axis.

Remove the keyboard. It’s secured by 4 screws.

The two loud speakers are easy to disassemble.

Unplug the cable and then we can remove them.


There’s only 4 screws securing the screen.


And remove all those screws marked below.

C side is disassembled.


The bottom of the touchpad.

Then we can disassemble the motherboard. Unplug those cables marked below.

Back of the motherboard.



The front.


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