How to Disassemble HP Pavilion 15

In this guide, I’ll disassemble an HP Pavilion 15.

Turn off the laptop first.

And some tools can help the disassembly easier.

Remove the battery, start to disassemble from the small bottom cover. There are 2 screws securing the cover, unscrew them.

Remove 3 screws under the cover.

Remove a screw securing the Wi-Fi network card.

Then remove the Wi-Fi network card and the memory chips.

Remove all the rest screws on the bottom cover.

Pry up the gap along the edges of the keyboard with crow bar and be careful with the keyboard cables when remove the keyboard.

Turn over the keyboard, pull up the clip and unplug the cable.

Remove 5 screws securing the keyboard bracket.

Pull up the clips of the power and the touchpad, unplug the cables.

Remove the optical drive.

And the 3 screws.

Gently pry up the keyboard bracket, remove it.

Do not break the border.

Remove the optical drive cable and the hard drive cable.

Unplug the battery cable connector and the screen cable connector.

Remove 4 screws securing the motherboard.

Unplug two cable connector on the back of the motherboard carefully.

Remove 2 screws securing the fan and unplug the power connector of the fan.

Remove 7 screws securing the graphics card and CPU in order as the numbers marked.

Wipe out the old silica gel, smear new one.

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