Taking Apart Acer 5750G

In this post I’m taking apart Acer Aspire 5750G.

If you have this laptop and decide to disassemble it, this might be helpful.

Read the whole procedure thoroughly before you start.


Let’s start from the bottom. There’s few hidden screws for this machine. All we need to do is disassemble the bottom cover and remove all the screws we can see.

Take out the hard drive, the memory chips and the small Wi-Fi network card.

Unplug the black and white cables too.

Then we can turn it over and remove the keyboard. Watch out the clips, do not use force.

Unplug these cables and screws marked below.

After that, we can access the motherboard. The fan is on the back.

Let’s remove the keyboard first.

Be very careful when disassemble the mainboard.

There are lots of connecting cables such as screen cable, audio cable and fan cable.

Observe carefully and unplug them.

  Remove the Wi-Fi network card cable.

Watch out the connecting cables under the mainboard.

And now we can access the fan full with dust.

Carefully clean it.

And then we can reassemble it back.

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