Taking apart Asus A40J

In this guide. I’ll disassemble an Asus A40J.

Make sure that the laptop is turned off.







First, remove the battery.


Remove the screws securing the bottom cover.

Then remove D side cover.

Remove the screws, then the memory chips, the hard drive and the optical drive.

 And all the screws on D side. Their position have been marked out.



 Keep removing screws on D side. And then turn the laptop over.

Now we come to C side.

After we remove all the screws on D side. The whole keyboard was secured by a round of invisible fastenings.

Pry it up.

Watch out the cables on the back.

 Then we keep unscrewing.

There are several cables that need to be disconnected.


After removing all the screws, pry up the while C side cover. There are only invisible fastenings too.

The back of C side cover.

Now the motherboard is out. There are a few securing screws.

We can remove the motherboard after we unscrew them.

 There are 3 screws on each side of the screen revolving axis.

Unscrew them and the screen can be removed.

The cooling fan.


The radiator.

All the parts together.

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