Taking apart Asus N56C


This guide will help you disassemble Asus N56 series.

In my case, I am taking apart Asus N56C.

Make sure it’s turned off.


Regular disassembly procedure review:

1. Remove all the screws on the bottom cover (D side), including those in the battery compartment. Remove small bottom covers too if possible, memory chips and hard drive are also supposed to be removed.

2. Turn the laptop over to the keyboard (C side), remove all the screws under the keyboard after taking out the keyboard.

3. Separate C side from D side, that is, separate the keyboard cover from the bottom cover, and we can see the motherboard inside.


And this guide is not so complicated. Please read on.






Unlock and push the latch as the direction shows. And then remove the battery.


Step 2

Remove all the screws on D side (9 in total)

Step 3

Remove the optical drive.

(The screw is in the center of D side and covered by black tape, unscrew it and then draw out the optical drive.

Draw out the optical drive in a horizontal direction, do not flapping or swing.

Step 4

Remove 2 screws marked below and slide the bottom cover out downward.


Step 5

Remove the hard drive (the silver white cover).

There are 8 screws inside. 1-3 secure the hard drive and 4-8 connect the bottom cover and the motherboard.

Remove them.

Step 6

Remove back cover. (Make sure all the screws are removed, or else the cover cannot be removed)

Besides, be careful with the external power cable marked below. Usually I’d like to get it out with a soldering tin ointment carefully.


Then use your fingernails to slide along the gap of the edges (you can use some tools, but hard ones may cause damage to the plastic cover)

And after the back cover was removed. I think it’s not necessary to remover the keyboard.


Step 7

Remove 7 screws around the copper-fin.

Remove 3 screws securing the fan (There’s one covered by a black tape).

Unplug the power cable of the fan (marked on the left).

Step 8

Clean the dust stored on the fan blade and air outlet.

Step 9

Smear silica gel thinly and evenly.

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