Taking Apart Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.


WARNING: You use this guide at your own risk. Disassembling notebook may result in loss of warranty. If you are not familiar with such things, don’t do it. Author is not responsible for any harms, and losses that may occur during operations described here.


Make sure the laptop is turned off.

Before we start, prepare cleaning tools and screwdriver sets and so on.

Remove 10 screws on the bottom cover (D side) first.

Pry up the keyboard along the edges gently.

When remove the keyboard, be careful with the cable behind. Unplug it.

The keyboard is removed.

Now we can find that there is an aluminum cover plate on the motherboard. And 5 screws secure them.

Unscrew them one by one.

Then pry up the securing clips along the edges of C side slowly. Be careful with the cables connecting to the motherboard.

The C side cover plate.

The power switch board was designed on the bottom left on C side.

And the touchpad unit, is connecting to the motherboard through a ribbon wire.

After removing C side cover, remove 4 screws securing the battery.

Remove the battery.

Remove screws securing the fan and take out the fan.

There are 2 motherboards. The big one on the left contains CPU, memory chips and south bridge chip.

And the small one contains interfaces of hard drive and so on.

Remove 2 screws securing the big motherboard.

We can remove the motherboard.





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