Taking Apart Lenovo Y470

In this guide, I’ll show you how to replace CPU, add memory and SSD in Lenovo Y470. And there are specific explanation of every step. Some precautions will be mentioned too.

If you are not familiar with disassembly and you own a Lenovo Y470, this will help you a lot.



1. When the laptop is installed with ES version CPU, the indicator light will sparkle once and then dark down when boot. It’s different from the official version. So when it occur, do not panic.

2. After CPU is installed, try to do the light up test with a power adapter. Because it occurred to me once the battery didn’t work while the power adapter did.

3. Be aware of the different length and position of screws.



Here are all the components that’ll come into use for the replacement:

Two 4G 1333Mhz DDR3 memory, a Samsung 840pro 128G solid-state drive, a i7-2625QM CPU (ES version), a CD ROM bracket to install HDD (12.7mm version) and silica gel.


Remove the battery and all the screws on the bottom cover first with a cross screwdriver.

The battery must be removed first! If you feel like your hands are electrostatic, try to touch an iron pipe such as a heating pipe, a screwdriver head.


Open the bottom cover, we can access Wi-Fi network card, Southbridge chips, memory, cooling fan, and HDD in the main drive bay.


Remove the HDD. There are 2 screws, a long one and a short one. Take care when you reassemble it.

Then push the HDD to the screw side, HDD can be removed directly.


Remove the optical drive. Note the screw on the center. Unscrew it and pull it down. This screw is a long one.


The removed optical drive. Remember to remove the optical drive cover, there are a few clips.

Make sure you know the position of every screw and then spring the SD card reader cover out.

This is an important part of the laptop. If you’ve used a laptop for a long time, the turnbuckles are easily damaged because of the high temperature.

Unscrew them carefully.

And screws in the optical drive bracket.

Try to use some tools hard but not metal to pry up the keyboard. Just pry along the gap on the top of the keyboard.

Then we can break it apart with hands.

Do not pull it down directly. There are cables below.

Remove 2 screws securing the keyboard. We can find it after we open the navigation panel.

Lift up the keyboard slowly and turn it over.

Unplug the keyboard cable as the picture shows. Then push out the clip.

Then unplug the power button cable and the touchpad button cable.

We can unload the navigation panel.

Notice there’s a warranty label. And if you tear it, your laptop will lose its warranty.

Unplug the internal audio cable with a tool.

Then let’s move on.

Strip the tap, unplug the audio cable and the Wi-Fi network card cable.

Pry up C side along the edges with a hard curved wedge. There are clips. Use a little strength.

And we can remove the black and white cable (Wi-Fi cable) too.

Unplug the screen cable too if you want to replace the screen.

It’s necessary to unplug the Bluetooth cable because it’s fixed on the body.

Unplug the power connector and the USB connector

Unscrew the only screw securing the motherboard and we can remove the motherboard.

Unplug power cable of the fan. Then remove screws securing the dissipating module.

Unscrew the turnbuckle securing the CPU base with a straight screw driver counterclockwise and we can remove CPU.

Let’s take a look at the i3-2310M and i7-2625m CPU.

Install the new CPU. Pay attention to the missing corner sign and level it to the slot. Screw it clockwise.

Squeeze some silica gel on the CPU chip and smooth it.

When reassemble, make sure the screws on the dissipating module are tightened in the order of 1 -7.

And plug the fan cable as well.

As the CPU is ES version, it’s important to ensure it’ll light up the motherboard.

Plug the power button cable.

And it’s better to connect a power adapter rather than a battery.

With the power on, fan will spin and indicator light will sparkle once and then dark down, then finally lit up.

After the test is over, we can reassemble the laptop.

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