Upgrading Memory and Fan Cleaning for Sony E14

In this guide, I’ll take apart a Sony E14 to upgrade memory and do fan cleaning.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start disassembly.

Read the whole procedure completely before you start.






And this is the laptop I’m going to disassemble and Kingston 4GB memory (Sony version). And some tools.

The reason why I chose this memory is that it’s specially made for Sony laptops which makes sure it’s 100% compatible.

We need to confirm where’s the memory locates. Most people may hold the opinion that it’s troublesome to add memory to laptops. And I think that’s because they’ve never tried it themselves.

In fact it’s extremely easy, just remove the screws marked in the red circle.

Remove the original memory and put the new one into the red area.

And thus we’ve successfully added memory to Sony E14 laptop.

Now let’s move on and disassemble.
Remove the screws securing the hard drive and then unload the hard drive.

Unload the optical drive too.

Remove all the screws and open the bottom cover. Now we can take a look at the internal structure of the laptop.

The fan is on the right. Remove the screws securing it and unplug the fan cables.

Take out the fan and the copper, and now we can clean the dust.

And we can smear some new thermal grease evenly and thinly on CPU.

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