Upgrading memory and hard drive on Lenovo Y700

In this post I explain how to upgrade memory and hard drive on Lenovo 700.

Make sure the laptop is turned off before you start disassembly.



Step 1

Remove all the screws (11 on total) on D side cover. Those marked with yellow circle are longer than the others.

Step 2

Prepare a rigid card, for example, bank card. It’s used to pry up the covered button.
The areas that need to be pried up are marked.

We usually start from the red area and the yellow line is where I started first.

Try to find the area where the gap is a little wider.

When stick the card into the gap, fingernail can also be used to help the card stick. Slide the card and the covered button will be pried up.

Step 3

Open up the bottom cover and then push it forward as the above picture shows.

SSD specification: M.2 NGFF 2280

And for now, Samsung CM871, SM951 and Micron MX200 is compatible.

Memory specification: DDR4 2133 memory. Available memory: Samsung DDR4 2133, Micron DDR4-2133, Hynix DDR4-2133 and Kingston DDR4-2133.

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